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School Options

Below is a link to our back to school plan.  All things listed are subject to approval by our School Board and must remain flexible due to the ever changing nature of our current environment.  Should you have questions, please contact the principal on your child’s campus.  

COVID-19 Testing

Free Covid-19 Testing

Updates and Monitoring Covid-19 Cases

Updates and Monitoring Covid Cases

One Team, One Heart... Trojans Forever!

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Shelly Slaughter


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Donna George

High School Principal

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Doug Wicks

Elementary Principal

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Boo Flu

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65” TVs and touchscreen are now here!!!!
I will need to schedule with each teacher to find a good location in your room and a
good time for me to install.
Each installation will take around an hour or a little more to complete.
If you do not have a TV or Promethean board in your room, please place a sticky note in
the location where you want me to install the new TV.
Any questions or concerns please email me:

Updates and Monitoring Covid-19 Cases
Free Covid-19 Testing
School Options
2020 - 2021 Calendar
Video addressing  Fall 2020 instructional plans and an explanation of 2020-2021 School Calendar

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