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Cumby ISD

District of Innovation Plan (HB 1842)


Cumby ISD is using HB 1842, of the 84th Legislative Session, to establish more local control in certain areas; thus being designated as a District of Innovation.  HB 1842 allows a traditional public school to have some of the same flexibility that public charter schools have been allowed.  To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan, as set forth in Texas Education Code Chapter 12A. Districts of Innovation may be exempted from a number of state statutes and will have:

·  Greater local control as the decision makers over the educational and instructional model for students:

·  Increased freedom and flexibility, with accountability, relative to state mandates that govern educational programming;

   and Empowerment to innovate and think differently.


Districts are not exempt from statutes including curriculum and graduation requirements, and academic and financial accountability.


Cumby ISD believes this is a great opportunity for our local district to establish plans based on the unique needs of our students and community.


The District of Innovation plan will be in effect for the 2017-2018 school year, upon Board approval.  This plan will remain in effect for five years, April  2017 through April 2022, unless amended, rescinded, or renewed earlier by the District Innovation Team and a two-thirds majority vote by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the law. The District Innovation Team will monitor the effectiveness of the plan and recommend to the Board of Trustees any suggested modifications to the plan. The plan will need to be renewed or modified at some point in a summer before the 2021-2022 school year. The renewal/modification will ensure that the plan does not cause policy changes in mid-year.  You may review the plan iby selecting the District of inovation link in the “Main” links section of the Home page.

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