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Transfer Students

Would You Like to Become a Cumby Trojan?

Cumby ISD does accept transfer students for other districts and jurisdictions. However, all students not living in any geographical area served by Cumby ISD must meet certain requirements before they will even be considered for approval as a transfer student. Additionally, if accepted as a transfer student attending a school in Cumby ISD, they must continue to meet certain requirements or their acceptance can be revoked.

Print and complete the Transfer packet. 

Transfer Packet 

Explanation of paperwork in transfer packet.

transfer Criteria - This document lists the minimum criteria a student must meet to be considered for approval as a transfer student.
Revoking Transfer Approval - This document lists some, but not all of the reasons Cumby ISD may revoke a student's transfer approval.
Required Documentation - This document contains a list of documents that must accompany the student's request for transfer application. Failure to do so may result in the application being denied.
Transfer Application - Please fill out this application completely and along with the required supporting documentation, submit it to the campus your student is requesting to attend.
Transfer Contract and Agreement - Please sign this agreement and submit it along with all other required documents.

Once ALL required documents have been received by the campus principal, the documents will be reviewed and a decision to deny or approve the request will be made as soon as possible.