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Bond Facts Sheet

Our 2019 Bond program was planned for one major purpose:  the safety and security of students. 

The bond focuses on three key areas:

  1. Safety and Security – Cumby Elementary Classrooms and Secure Entry Additions, Enclosing and Updating Playground, Relocation of Football Field and Compressed Surface Track, and New Ag Shop
  2. Renovations – Cumby Elementary, Ag Facilities
  3. Provisions for Future Growth – Relocation of Football Field with a Compressed Surface Track, Location of Elementary Addition

Cumby ISD believes in being financially responsible which is why the bond includes projects that are most needed for safety and security.  However, the projects are also planned to accommodate future growth and student/program needs.

EARLY VOTING Begins Monday, October 21st and ends Friday, November 1st.

ELECTION DAY is to be held Tuesday, November 5th.