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Bond Proposal

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 Cumby ISD residents will vote on Cumby ISD’s proposed $6.2 million bond package.  

Bond Proposed Projects:

  • Additions and Renovations to Cumby Elementary, Cumby Elementary Playground, and Cafeteria
  • Additions and Renovations to Cumby ISD Ag and CTE Facilities
  • Relocation of Cumby ISD Football Field with a Compressed Surface Track 

Preliminary Cost Estimates:

  • $4 million will be used for renovations and additions to the Elementary to include cafeteria expansion and upgrades along with a new playground that is enclosed and secured.  
  • $480,000 for Ag shop addition and Ag/CTE renovations
  • $150,000 demolition and abatement
  • $900,000 for relocating the football field and addition of compressed surface track
  • $664,920 for other construction costs