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Technology Lending Policy
User Agreement and Responsibilities



Your child has been issued a device to improve and personalize his/her education this year. It is
essential that the following guidelines be followed to ensure the safe, efficient, and ethical operation
of your child’s device. 

• I will supervise my child’s use of the device at home.
• I will discuss family values and expectations regarding the use of the internet at home and will
  supervise my child’s use of the Internet.
• I will not attempt to clean or repair the device.
• I will report any issues with the device to the school.
• I will not load or delete any software from the device.
• I will make sure my child charges the device nightly.
• I will make sure my child brings the device to school every day.
• I know that if my child comes to school without his or her device I may be called to bring it to school.
• I understand that all devices regardless if at CISD or outside of CISD will be filtered for content and
  actively monitored.

CISD utilizes Securly Content
Filtering. Web browsing activity is actively
monitored and misuse is reported back to the


Your device is an important learning tool and is for
educational purposes only. In order to take your
device home each day, you must be willing to
accept the following responsibilities.
• I will treat the device with care by not dropping it, getting it wet, leaving it outdoors, or using it with
  food or drink nearby.
• I will not loan the device to my friends or siblings; it will stay in my possession at all times.
• I will not load any software from the Internet onto the device.
• I will not remove programs or files from the device.
• I will follow the Cumby ISD Acceptable Use Policy when using the internet on the device at home and
  at school.
• I will honor my family’s values when using the internet.
• I will not give personal information when using the internet.
• I will not attempt to clean or repair the device.
• I will recharge the device battery each night.
• I will bring the device to school every day.
• I will not place any stickers or other adhesives on the device or remove the CISD Asset Tag from the



Technology Lending Policy
Technology Device Loan Agreement

The listed items in this document are being loaned to me and are in good working order unless otherwise indicated. It is my responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is retained in a safe environment. This equipment is the property of Cumby ISD and is herewith being loaned to the student for educational purposes only for the academic school year. Students may not deface or destroy this property in any way. Students may not remove the Property of CISD Asset Tag from the device. Inappropria te materia l on the
machine may result in the student losing their right to use this computer. The equipment will be returned to the schoo l on a date to be requested or sooner if the student is discharged from the school prior to the end of the school year. If the District Property is lost or stolen full replacement value of the device will be paid to the school. If the device is damaged and that damage is determined by the district to be willful negligence while in the Borrower’s possession, Borrower is responsible for the replacement or repair of the device. Also the Borrower agrees to indemnify the District from and against any claim occurring during or resulting from
Borrower’s possession or use of the District property, including, but not limited to a ny cla im for infringement or viola tion of applicable trademarks and copyrights attributable to Borrower’s use of the District Property. The District Property may be used by Borrower only for non-commercia l purposes, in accordance with the District’s policies and rules. Any included software may be used only in accordance with the applicable license and it is Borrower’s responsibility to be familiar with and to comply with the provisions of such license. Borrower may not install or utilize any software in connection with Borrower’s use of the District Property other than software
owned by the District and made available to Borrower in accordance with this Receipt and Agreement and Borrower agrees not to make any unauthorized use of or modifications of such software. The District is not responsible fo r any computer or electronic viruses that may be transferred to orfrom Borrower’s external data storage medium and Borrower agrees to use Borrower’s best efforts to assure that the District Property is not damaged or rendered inoperable by any such electronic virus while in Borrower’s possession. Borrower
acknowledges and agrees that Borrower’s use of the District Property is a privilege and that by Borrower’s agreement to the terms hereof, Borrower acknowledges Borrower’s responsibility to protect and safeguard the District Property and to return the same in good condition and repair.



Replacement cost:
ChromebookExchange Cost - $50 Hotspot Replacement Cost - $100
ChromebookReplacement Cost - $250 Hotspot Charger Replacement Cost -$25
ChromebookChargerReplacement Cost - $45

By signing below you agree to the terms of the Cumby ISD Technology Lending Policy User Agreement and
Responsibilities. This policy is available to view on the Cumby ISD website.

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Cumby Collegiate ISD - Internet Safety Policy

Cumby Collegiate ISD - Technology Lending Policy


Helpful Internet Safety Links Provided by TEA

In accordance with Texas Education Code Section 38.023, the Texas Education Agency has developed and made available to school districts a list of resources related to internet safety. The list below provides links to various internet safety topics. Within each of the pages are links for educators, parents, and students.