Superintendent's Corner

Cumby ISD Superintendent

Shelly Slaughter

Cumby ISD…Lots to brag about

Great things have happened and are continuing to happen at Cumby ISD.  Last year, 2015-16, the Cumby ISD graduating class of 21 received over $380,000.00 in scholarships.  One of our students, Landon Mabe, received a full ride to Rice University.  In addition to academic scholarships, 3 of our 10 Senior Athletes received athletic scholarships.  Travis Taylor received a football scholarship, Casey Waxler a baseball scholarship, and Bailey Braddock a cheerleading scholarship.

Our Robotics team won the VEX Nationals in Iowa and won best design out of over 400 teams nationwide.  The team competed in several area competitions.  Cumby ISD has hosted a VEX Robotics meet the past two years and will continue to do so annually.  Robotics is a growing program and we are excited about the opportunities it has opened up for our students, including our junior high students for the 2016-2017 school year.  In Robotics, it does not matter the size of your school, the competitions are for districts of all sizes. Preparation and dedication of the team are what determines success, and our students shine.

This year, we are very proud of the number of students at Cumby who are taking dual-credit and workforce classes through PJC.  Over 35% of our students are enrolled in dual-credit college classes, beginning with sophomores, and over 20% of our students are enrolled in workforce classes through PJC.  The workforce classes include Computer Aided Design, Welding, Machine Shop, Electrical, and Health Science/Nursing/Pharmacy Technician.  Our district currently pays for workforce classes through scholarships and local funds, as well as for some dual-credit courses.

Although we are a small district, our students have huge opportunities and successes.  With small class sizes, our students get the needed individual and small group attention.  We offer several certifications to our students as well as the option of taking college classes starting in their freshman year.  Students who start as freshmen or sophomores will be able to graduate high school with an Associate’s degree or at least graduate with core college classes completed.   Therefore, Cumby ISD’s goal is that all graduating seniors not only earn a high school diploma, but a certification, core college credit, and/or an Associate’s degree.  Our students are prepared to compete with all students for the best scholarships, jobs, and futures. 

Cumby ISD is also excited about opening up our Pre-Kindergarten program to 3 year olds.  We offer free Pre-Kindergarten to qualifying students and a minimal tuition to non-qualifying students.  We are also a school district that accepts transfers for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 grade.  Students may enroll Mondays – Fridays from 8:00 – 3:30 at our High School Campus.  Mrs. Ann Cummings is the Registrar for the district, and her office is at the High School.  Again, we are very excited about what Cumby ISD is offering students and the many opportunities our students have for academic, athletic, and personal successes.